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(free) 03:17



released August 16, 2016



all rights reserved


ZOOLAY Los Angeles

ZOOLAY is a Los Angeles based rap duo with a golden era sound, buried beneath a refreshing taste of new school. The Hip Hop group was formed in 2006 and is now comprised of two mc’s, DON RON and ILLZ ONE.

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Track Name: Break Bread
Verse 1 DON RON
Ay yo, I do it in my sleep it comes easy
Making cheese but I’m not cheesy
Still my records spend on the radio like a Frisbee
Niggas talk shit but the hoes want to kiss me
Heard I’m seeing bread, same niggas want to stick me
Can’t walk the block without police trying to get me
Either that or record execs is trying to dick me
Tell me what is this, shady music business
Came a long way from being stuck in the trenches
Used to kick rhymes banging on the school benches
Now I leave for weeks on the road to get riches
Got a little more but I’ve acquired new expenses
People yell HOOO, when the music commences
But if it doesn’t make dollars then the shit is just senseless
Any chance I get I’m swinging for the big fences
Get the dough, turn it into bread then break it with my bredren it’s easy
With the Zoolay brand, get the dough turn it into bread
then break it with my bredren it’s easy, believe me, come on, ay yo, come on

Chorus 1 ILLZ ONE
Got to get the cash, got to get the dough
Money makes the world go around we all know
Whatever the job it’s going to cost you a fee
Say what? Cause nothing in life is free
Say what? Cause nothing in life is free
Say what? Nothing in life is free
Ay yo, I got to get mines, you got to get yours
I got to get mines, so get yours

Verse 2 ILLZ ONE
Ay yo, Break bread I need that, don’t give me no feed back
I need my steezacks in green backs
Cause checks bounce like booty meat to Dibiase beats
Worked hard to generate a grip like soccer cleats
In a land where mediocrities accepted, we put the time in
So our art is perfected, now break bread
Cause nothing in life is free, obviously I spit quality
In exchange for currency, you heard of the, original free trade policy
Probably a good philosophy like Socrates
So break bread before I go upside your head
Promoter niggas coming up short like midget legs
Had us on a bogus adventure like bill and ted, now I’m fucking fed
Bout to black out like Meth and Red, Time for breaking legs
Kicking in dentures and busting heads, told yall niggas not to play with my paper
Heard what I said
Chorus 2 DON RON and ILLZ ONE
Got to get the cash, got to get the dough
Money makes the world go around we all know
Whatever the job it’s going to cost you a fee
Say what? Cause nothing in life is free
Say what? Cause nothing in life is free
Say what? Nothing in life is free
Ay yo, I got to get mines, you got to get yours
I got to get mines, so get yours

Compton and Watts get yours, Mid City MidTown get yours
The LBC get yours, South Central LA get yours, My people in the Bay get yours
SD where you at get yours, My people Midwest get yours
East Coast Worldwide get yours
No what I mean, my peoples in Germany, France, Outter Space Nigga
Ay yo Dibiase, take us the fuck out of here nigga
Track Name: Bars & Nobles remix feat. Trek Life, Roc C, Blame One, LMNO
Verse 1 Don Ron

Ay yo, plain and simple, simple and plain
Remain the same never change, regardless of my name or status I gain
Married to the game, Marry Jane got me going insane
Joy and pain embraced them the same
Never had a girl friend the color of cocaine
Never had to wear no fake chain to impress no dame
Drugs kill, and make people act insane
Others go Hollywood quick and forget my name
Had to remind them again, Don Ron from the Zoolay brand
I’m good money like a hundred grand, Yo
I’ll never take the stand in court against my fam
My lips stay sealed and wrapped like Saran
Its death before dishonor, I’m no snitch your honor
Lock me up, I’ll deal with my problems mañana
That’s the code, the G code coming from the West
Big up to Dibiase and I’m off to the left

Verse 2 ILLZ ONE

Its ILLZ ONE, the dynamic, rhyme fanatic
My brain capacity said to be well above average
Like soul food, the burner will boil your cabbage
Cause L.A. Unified cursed me with ways of the savage
So me spazzing out is automatic
They used to breed the strongest slaves, I got an athletic advantage
I get my hands dirty like mechanics
Back in the day we used to jack niggas for their Starter fabric
I was a prodigy that caused havoc, jack me?
You better mob deep to have a chance at it
Dead that, you better off playing in traffic
Get a bar, I’ll no look you one like I’m Magic
The Zoo forever on top like we stay in your attic
I spit them Turbo Graphic 16’s my archives like arcades filed with Classics

Verse 3 Trek Life

I’m Trek Life bitch google me
Bing nigga Ask.com I’m sure that you will see
All the makings and all the trappings of what a true MC, is
Whatever school that you in, there’s no truancy
The mirror image is who my influence be, man I don’t fuck with yall niggas at all
I’m too stunning no flaws, and who want it I raw, call for the mic like the ball
In the last seconds, I’m good money
And this is just some cruise control word play shit
Full tilt a nigga hit like a middle linebacker blitz, sort of like a hat trick
It’s the 3 to the K, tre killer, blazing the purp your feelings hurt
While I watch your girl making it twerk
Man I gangbang words and introduce Native Tongues like Red Alert
My own language, the shit that I’m on is called banging
Nothing but dope line after and line your broad favorite and I’m out yall

Verse 4 Roc C

Let me get them Trek
Suicide, cyanide select all serpent types
Grown man on this Earth, trample on you mini life
Big boy body truck, all over your mini bikes,
Getting head from many dikes, You mini mice
Contact on the scene, blunt need another lite
Dance in the circle of death and bless plenty mics
Like whoa, the stowaway your biggest slave, Rhyme bout the yesterdays
I’m ROC!
Salute the God’s, still saying crime pay’s, pay you a visit in broad day
We go out and your broad pay’s, stumbled on a buried treasure
Couple dead bodies stuck together, roll through the stormy weather
Me and my clicks, after bowls of cheddar overseas Donatella
Slice through your Acapella, black Italy on the mozzarella bust shots at the dumb and jealous

Verse 5 Blame One

I spit heavy metal, Megatron, take you off I’m better on
Got a better bomb when my mic recites the letters long winded
Your shits wack, fuck who I offended, your near the holt of your career and I can ended
Minds bended getting bent off the Henny, leave you offended my styles splendid
Perfection in poem how I invented, demented I write in reverse, only to inform you
When I read it back from the paper it sounds normal
Travel through the portal of sound, you now entered immortal ground
My light shines down on those that I astound
Profound vision, my incision is what makes the cut
Bringing damage to average amateurs that face get crushed
Place the dutch in my hand put the mic inside, words strike like a lightening rode
I invite your squad, to my exclusive elimination ceremony
Its Blame one of a kind yeah I’m the one and only

Verse 6 LMNO

I let it out, I’m far from kooked up
I make the broth, while others get souped up
There’s not a cord that hasen’t been struck
So on that note, you know the tone death get stuck
Inherit a rut for what, strut with your mind shut
And wind up getting cut, no signs of letting up
Peddle to the meddle, door to the floor
It’s just a new version of what you’ve heard before
I’m more concerned, with the safety of a lady in Gaza, then any Lady GaGa
Extension of the saga, alotta crock and drama, restock for any occasion
Lock it down with voice activation
They’re not stunned that called captivation, raising awareness
No hypothetical guns for waving, a safe haven
For escaping the forsaken, standing room only, rocking the ovation