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released March 16, 2016



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ZOOLAY Los Angeles

ZOOLAY is a Los Angeles based rap duo with a golden era sound, buried beneath a refreshing taste of new school. The Hip Hop group was formed in 2006 and is now comprised of two mc’s, DON RON and ILLZ ONE.

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Track Name: Supa Star

Written and performed by Ron U. Alvarez (Don Ron) and Karl L. Galbert (Illz One) as (ZOOLAY)

DON RON verse 1
Born in the ghetto it’s hard to survive
Survival of the fittest where even the strong die
Some of my peers won’t make it to 25
A place where bullets fly, while children play outside
Its war in the streets when will the violence stop
Fuck the cops I got super star props
Race up the block in my new stolen car
I want super fat dough, like Pablo Escobar
Stick to the plan and stack a hundred grand
You know how we get it, kill them with the hand to hand
Risking my life, getting loot on the corner
Always love your mother because you’ll never get another
Nine millimeter tell me who wants beef
gun you down in the middle of the street
cocaine kingpin smoking Cuban cigars
fuck the world and everybody I’m a super duper star

Chorus 1 DJ scratch hook

ILLZ ONE verse 2
Born in the ghetto it’s hard to survive
Poverty and guns equals mad homicides
Frustration, poor education
Black’s and browns nothing to lose you can see it in their eyes
power to the people as my black fist rise
I’ve been through hard times, so many problems on my mind
The end is near and it’s clear you see the signs
Most of yall hear the beats but never catch the rhymes

DON RON verse 3
Zoolay and THX west coastra nostra
Catch a bullet scar if you play me close
Wild west gun slingers quick out the holster
wanted dead or alive you see my face on the poster
keep the camera moving because I’m kind of fast
I’m kind of like Casper, the friendly ghost catch me on your plasma
A simple guy, money and bitches is what I’m after
And I don’t talk shit I can’t back up, so back up
Get off me man

Chorus 2 DJ scratch hook

ILLZ ONE verse 4
Now everybody’s this, and everybody’s that
Everybody makes beats, and everybody raps
When everybody’s free, the spot is jam packed
But when they got to pay, where’s everybody at?
Everybody downloads music and that’s a fact
But this is how we eat, so nigga fuck that
Everybody’s a thug, make their gun clap
And all tatted up from the front to the back
Everybody glorify how they sold crack
influence kids to fall victim to the trap
if you don’t use your head for more then a hat rack
then dead or in jail is the consequence black
now back in the days, all yall would be wack
because it was called biting when you copy other cats
and if you pick up the mic chasing fame and stacks
you already lost because we don’t want to hear that
naw, we don’t want to hear that, you already lost because we don’t want to hear that

Chorus 3 DJ scratch hook